Flexible LED Screen

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WATERPROOF:Waterproof Flexible LED Screen,can be used in very harsh environment with extremely high and very low temperature, so it quite perfect any indoor and outdoor projects.EASY MAINTENANCE:Flexible led Mesh/Curtain Video Screen, when problem happens, how to fix the damage led conveniently easily and quickly to make you and your clients happy. Flexible led screen can meet this request.HIGH BRIGHTNESS:High brightness  Flexible LED Screen, the highest brightness reaches 9000 nit to meet indoor and outdoor day and night applications.

Flexible LED Mesh

Flexible LED Mesh Screen:p 37.5/56.3/50/100/150.It is suitable for shop window advertisement, stage advertisement, fixed and rental installation, fire prevention, waterproof, good permeability and no influence on daylighting. Indoor stage, outdoor landscape

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Screen: P2.5/3/4/5/6/8.suitable for stage design, exhibition hall design counter design, high-definition picture is soft and strong, it can be used synchronous and asynchronous release system, module installation is easy to move.flexible led stage screens.Special shape, spherical design is more prominent.

Flexible LED Curtain

Flexible LED Curtain Screen: P3.9/4.8/6.25/7.8/9.3/12.5/16/50/p20 Flexible LED Curtain .suitable for the temporary indoor outdoor stage design, the exhibition hall design counter design, the soft foldable installation is simple,Waterproof, fire prevention foldable LED Screen Display

Flexible LED Mesh Screen

  • Hihg transparency flexible led screen, ultra flexible, easy to form a flat screen or curved to match with irregular shaped building facade, both pixel pitch, panel size and panel color can be customized.
  • High transparency maximizes the natural light get inside of the building, also ensuring the screen has great ventilation and wind-resistance function.
  • Fast inter-panel locks make installation quick and easy especially for a large-sized screen.
  • Ultra light, a simple installation structure is enough to hold the screen, panels can be well fixed by locking the following two pieces of connector on installation structure. No need steel frame structure for installation, less impact on building
  • Both single LED strips and LED dot can be taken out for repair or replacement, which make service much more convenient.
  • Head and tail of the panel with high quality components, product can be used in harsh various environment.

Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Full Color Flexible LED Display

Flexible Soft LED Screen

Soft led modules are ultra-thin, lightweight, and most flexible design shapes, effects, arcs of any type at any angle. By repeating the bending, it will not damage the LED and mask design.

1. Using a small unit and a flexible design module to create more complex shapes for video programming.

2. Directly and soft LED module combination screen, save time and effort, easy to operate.

3. The LED module with soft cover can achieve the best color uniformity and gray scale, and protect the LED. The magnet is easy to connect and easy to install and remove. It is a front maintenance.

Flexible LED Screen Video Wall

Flexible LED Curtain Display

Flexible Soft Foldable LED Curtain Screen

The Flexible LED curtain is suitable for the setting of the stage scene, and the installation and control are simple and easy.

With its unique features of thinness, fire resistance, water resistance and lightweight, the system exhibits unparalleled artistic charm.

Foldable LED Screen suitable for large area applications and can be assembled at will. Can be used as a grand show of indoor and outdoor stage performances, car exhibition scene production, luxury disco, grand music evenings, fashion apparel conferences and entertainment venues such as the video wall.

Real and abstract, creating the effect of a dream. It has created a series of new possibilities for lighting and stage designers.

Flexible LED Curtain Display

Flexible LED Catalog

Flexible LED Mesh

Flexible led screen

Flexible LED Curtain

Flexible LED Screen Price

A Complete Flexible LED Screen/Mesh/Curtain  inquiry Need to show:

1. Flexible led screen panel pixel pitch, if you dont know how to choose, contact us
2. Flexible led screen size:length ___m; width___m,or cabinet quantity;
3. use for indoor or outdoor Flexible led screen;
4. use for fixed installation or rental Flexible led ?
5. soft flexible LED module Screen need structure draft;
6. intallation place pictures will be better;
7. your skype or whatsapp or others except email,sometimes our customer can’t received ur email.

Flexible LED  Screen :Mesh Curtain for sale With Best LED Screen Curtain/Mesh Manufacturer Price

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FLEXIBLE LED Screen Video Wall Case

Flexible LED Screen with the best advantages of light weight, high transparency, waterproof capability and strong weather resistance,
it is quite suitable for large-scaled building facade decoration, glass video wall advertising and outdoor stage events.

Flexible LED Mesh Screen Video

The outdoor flexible LED Mesh display waterproof and cold-resistant,
easy and quick installation, super light weight, widely used in stage performance, leasing, night club, bar, etc

Flexible LED Curtain Screen

The indoor flexible LED display has the features of  Fire prevention waterproof and foldable,
easy and quick installation, super light weight, widely used in stage performance, leasing, night club, bar, etc

Flexible LED Screen Parameters

Technical Parameters
Pixel Pitch P37 P56 P75 P100
Pixel Configuration 3 in 1, SMD3535
Panel Size 300*4800mm 450*7200mm 600*9600mm 800*12800mm
Panel Resolution 8*128dots
Weight 5.8kg 5.5kg 3.5kg 2.5kg
Brightness 1000-1500nit
IP Rating(Front/Rear) IP43
Refresh Rate 1000 Hz
Transparency Rate 55%-92%
Scan Mode Static
Max Power Consumption 50W/sqm-400W/sqm
Color Processing 16 bit
Viewing Angle(H/V) 140°/110°
Operating Temperature -20~40°C
Main Power Source AC 100~240V; 50/60Hz
Input Voltage 15V DC
Humidity 10~90%RH
Life Time >50,000 Hours
Item  Description Picture
Video controller Control range: 1900 x 1200 / 2048*1152 pixels
Slave control 1.1 receiving card
2.8 outputs or 16 outputs
3.0 Hanging beam and hook included.
Power box
Power and data cables 3 pins, 8 connectors, included in led screen panel
Fixing fixtures  included in led screen panel
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