3D Hologram Fan Display

3D Hologram LED Fan Display,Led Fan Holographic Display,Retail shop 3D hologram fan video display,eye-catcher advertising media tool.


Hologram Advertising Display

• Display Size : 50 cm New WiFi APP items/Cloud control
• Resolution: 512*512
• FPS (Frame per seconds):25 F/S
Screen Size: 46.5*46.5 cm/ 18.3*18.3 inch
• Viewing angle: 150 °
Brightness: 800 cd/㎡
• Power: 30 W
• Power supply voltage: AC100V-240V, 50 / 60Hz
• Color: Black White
• Responsive time: ±10ms
• Delivery Detail:   Batch order 15-30 days
• Logo: customized LED Logo
• Acrylic cover (optional)
• Operation way : Remote Control / WiFi /Cloud Control
• Supply Ability: 10000Pieces/per Month

3D Hologram Fan Display

• Display Size : 65 cm WiFi APP items/Cloud control
Resolution: 720*720
• FPS (Frame per seconds):25 F/S
• Screen Size: 65*65 cm /25.6*25.6 inch
• Viewing angle: 160 °
• Power: 48 W
• Power supply voltage: AC100V-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Brightness: 1200 cd/㎡
• Responsive time: ±10ms
• Delivery Detail:   Batch order 15-30 days
• Logo: customized LED Logo
• Operation way : Remote Control / WiFi /Cloud Control
• Supply Ability: 10000Pieces/per Month
• Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union
• Packaging Details: Carton with foam inside

holographic fan Replace traditional holographic player

Hologram fan This product has many different names:

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Hologram LED Fan ,No matter how you define it, in fact all the logic is the same, through the holographic effect of the rotating product of the LED strip. Convert the video or picture you need into a dot matrix through software, and then rotate all the dots into a visual image, so the effect itself is not comparable to the LCD display. However, due to the difference in brightness and transmission mode, it is divided into a stand-alone version, a network version or even a cloud control version, a normal brightness version and a highlighted version. At present, the most popular and cost-effective version is the 43cm version, because his resolution can reach 640*640P, and supports both stand-alone and wifi control.

No. SKU Diameter Brightness Resolution Screen size SD Card Wifi Cloud Control
1 HK-HA-43-SDWF-X/D/S ♥♥♥♥♥ 43CM 500 cd/㎡ 640*640 43×43cm
2 HK-HA-50-WF-X/D/S ♥♥♥♥♥ 50CM 800 cd/㎡ 512*512 46.5×46.5cm
3 HK-HA-50H-WFC-X/D/S ♥♥♥ 50CM 800 cd/㎡ 512*512 46.5×46.5cm
4 HK-HA-65-WF-X/D ♥♥♥ 65CM 800 cd/㎡ 720*720 60×60cm
5 HK-HA-65X-WFC-X/D/S ♥♥♥♥♥ 65CM 1200 cd/㎡ 720*720 65×65cm
6 HK-HA-100-WF-X/D/S ♥♥ 100CM 1200 cd/㎡ 1024*1024 90×90cm

Remarks: There are currently 3 ways to update the content of the advertisement:

1. SD card upload

SD card mode: It is easy to understand, that is, the content you want to play is converted into a machine-readable format by the software and stored in the SD card, and then uploaded to the machine for playback. You can set the playback time in the software and The number of times the loop is needed.

2, WiFi Hotspot upload

WiFi hotspot mode: The machine that can use this mode, in the boot state, the machine itself will be equivalent to a router itself will generate WiFi hotspot. When uploading updates, you only need to connect this WiFi hotspot, mobile phone or PC with your mobile phone or PC. The machine can be controlled through our software and applications. Don’t need to connect the machine to the Internet.

3. Cloud control upload.

Internet cloud control method: Machines that can use this mode must connect the machine to the Internet. Access our cloud control service website through mobile phone or computer. After the required machine is bundled with the cloud server, through the remote platform pair The machine controls and updates the content.

Hologram 3d LED Fan

  • 3D hologram fan display, 3D effect image and video are produced by rotating led fans. It can help shop owners spread and share advertising content efficiently. It is a cost-effective solution to show a holographic effect floating free in the air.
  • 3D Holographic Fan 3D Display Device with Ultra High Density LED Rotational Imaging Visualization. Clear and flexible product image.floating 3d hologram
  • 3D images more eye-catching, to replace the traditional non-advertising content.
  • Support a variety of online, make the playback screen larger and clearer.

 The New Items 65X 3D Hologram Fan

How to Make 3d Hologram Display Floating 3d Holographic fan

  • 3D hologram fan video display, the effect is created by a bar with high tech led light that spins high speed. Colorful and vivid image and video are produced.
  • Black and white colors are optional. Fans are fixed in crowded public places, add a cover is necessary to ensure safe using.
  • It is easy to change content you want to play: edit content by computer and plug SD card in fan to play.
  • 3D holographic fan display can be easily fixed on a variety of building or structure by screw. Simple and easy operation.
  • It can be fixed on concrete wall, ceiling , wooden structure, clear image can be saw in a long distance.

Spinning LED Display  3D Hologram FAN Advertising

  • Shows The Effect of Hologram advertising by Spinning LED.
  • By Software change 2D or 3D picture or video into a dot matrix.
    By Spinning LED the dot matrix is reduced to a video of the 3D holographic effect according to the frequency customization.
  • Holographic advertising shows that it has a strong customer appeal to achieve higher enterprise display and marketing effects.
  • Make 3D holographic ads, similar as hologram Nike Spinning Hologram advertising , 3D hologram display fan will be your best Hologram projection machine.
  • Provide 3D Hologram Advertising Service

WiFi APP Cloud Control Items Spinning Hologram Displays

How  to Use WiFi  APP Control Holographic FAN

How to Use WiFi APP Control 50 cm Diameter WiFi  APP items

3D Hologram WiFi App Control LED Fan Display Billboard

1. Fan like 3D hologram LED display, very creative
2. Connects the LED display via WiFi, control the display from App or remote control
3. Display Resolution: 512 x 512 Pixels
4. Support JPG, GIF, MP4, AVI, RMVB, MPEG, etc format
5. Less than 18W power consumption
6. App language: Chinese / English only
7. Wifi APP LED FAN 3D Hologram Use the Operation Manual.

Please note: The current WiFi version only supports the WiFi of fans hotpot control, the control distance is 15-20 m. Does not support ultra remote control

NOW! If you are interested in our products, you can contact customer service staff for hologram fan software testing.

Spinning LED Holographic Advertising Hologram Display

  • How to make a Hologram projector with 3 D hologram Fan
  • According to the video to decide how to link the devices.
  • After decided the way to be linked, according to the right way to create the videos.
  • After create the videos, according to the circle output one by one.
  • Double check. And Then keep it into each device’s own SD card, to display. Hologram Projector Diy guide
  • WIFI version Holographic project, with host and slave modes, easier to launch and more convenient
  • Multiple Spinning led display fan installation and Video cutting guide









Optional Accessories

Round Protective Cover

Square Protective Cover

Vertical bracket


Catalog Number Spec Sheet Type Diameter
HK-HA-42-SD-X/D Download LED Fan 42CM Standalone
HK-HA-50-WF-X/D Download LED Fan 50CM WiFi-APP
HK-HA-65-WF-X/D Download LED Fan 65 CM WiFi-APP
HK-HA-100-WCF-X/D Download LED Fan 100 CM WiFi-APP

3D Spinning LED Holographic Video Player

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3D holographic fan video display – Hologram displays for retail shops.

WiFi Control spinning LED Fan Player Display

50 CM WiFi Control spinning LED Fan

65 CM WiFi Control spinning LED Fan

Holographic fan Acrylic protective cover


3D Hologram FAN RFQ
Question Answer
What’s the product? 3D hologram fan display
How it works? Based on Chariot technology, the led bar rotates to produce 3D image and video in air.
Power Rating 50cm/ 18w ;65cm/40w; 100cm/50W
Screen Size 46.5*46.5cm(23.6inch)/ 60*60cm(26 inch)/ 90*90cm(40inch)
How about the diameter 42cm/50cm/65cm/100cm
How many pixel pitch per strip 224/
Led type SMD 0805
What the resolution it is? 512*512dots
How about the power consumption? Max. power consumption is 18W
Viewing angle 176 °
3D effect file is needed? No. You just need to choose the video or image with black ground to use, no need to prepare 3D video by yourself.
What is the brightness? 800nit. (only one led strip, the brightness is not very high)
What kind of software you are using? We have a specific software for this product, after you place order, we will provide the software by free.
How to edit video  you can check 3D HOLOGRAM FAN DISPLAY Spec Sheet https://360digitalsignage.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/HK-HA-42-ST-X.pdf
How about the life span 20000Hs
Warranty 1 year
Display size 42cm*42cm/50CM*50CM/65CM*65CM/100CM*100CM
Product material PC+Aluminum
Can be used outdoor 1.  The brightness is not very high and not suitable for outdoor application. 2. Product is not waterproof, it is not a good idea to use outdoor.
What kinds of video can be played MP4, AVI, RMVB, GIF
How to install? Mounted on wall, ceiling, we will prepare plate, fixtures for installation
Do we need battery to operate it No, a motor in fan, plug in socket to use.
Where I can use it Retail applications, such as shoe shops, fashion shops, restaurant, bars, club, etc.
It rotates in air, it is safe to use In public place and if it is not set very high, we suggest have a cover to protect people from hurting
Does the cover reflect light Yes, you will see the lighting reflecting if it is set in high brightness environment.
Can we use wifi for controlling At this stage, wifi version is unavailable
When wifi version is available We are working on it, once it done, we will let you know
It supports remote control? It has remote controller, it is used to turn on and turn off the fan
How about the distance from fan to remote controller 10m is no problem  About the wholesalers price of spinning led fan
Several fans can play a complete video Yes, I will show you one case ( The robot case, which is consisted by 32fans)
How it works? Divided the video content into several parts and each fan shows one part. In this case, you need a designer for help.
We provide video, can you design it? We can , we will charge design cost. Please send me your video, and let me know what is the size you want to play? I mean the width and height. After evaluation, I will quote you.
How much noise does it make in decibels We do not a official data. Just I tested by a APP on my mobile phone, 10cm, 28dB. 1m 16-18dB.
I saw the transformer robot on your site This robot is consisted by 32pcs fan, the width and height is 2.3*2m=4.6sqm
The software only work in PC, can run in Mac? Only works in PC, Window 7 and Windows 10 .
Product name and HS code Hologram display,  8521909090
Revolving speed / Rotate speed 1000-1200/minute
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